Our Team

AST’s Management Team is headed by AST’s President, Alex Olteanu, who brought our organization to life after spending a year in Erbil, Iraq. 

He is joined by his friend and colleague Tom Chan, AST's co-founder. Tom is an experienced and enthusiastic Human Resources professional who he met and worked with whilst teaching at the Acsenda School of Management. He is AST's Membership Officer.

The third member of our Management Team is Valerie Olteanu, Alex’s wife, a published author and adult educator who spent time teaching and traveling through the Middle East before settling in Vancouver. Valerie is AST's Treasurer and Secretary and manages its finances.

Our fourth member is Graham Anderson, a young and dynamic Marketing Executive who recently moved to Toronto and has taken on the key position of Director - Canadian Operations.

Rashed El-Attar, a former senior executive with a global petroleum production company, who is now based in Beirut, Lebanon, has taken up the position of Director - Middle East Operations.

We have also recently welcomed  to our team a dynamic student organiser and networking specialist, Avan Soufy,  currently taking a degree in International Relations at the University of Kurdistan - Hewler, in Erbil, Iraq. Avan has agreed to be AST's Director - Student Services, with a focus on Iraqi, Kurdish, Syrian, and Turkish students, and is in charge of AST's Erbil office.

Our newest member is Mohamad Danou, a young man with extensive experience in the Travel and tourism industry, who has lived for over two decades in Egypt, and is well-connected in the educational field in this country. Mohamad currently lives in London, UK, and will act as AST's Director - Marketing and Student Recruitment, with particular responsibility for the Egyptian, Palestinian, and Jordanian candidates. He will also manage AST's office in Alexandria, Egypt.