Ribwar Siwayli

Ribwar Siwayli is one of the best known and most respected of a new generation of Kurdish intellectuals whose main aim is to bring about a Kurdish Renaissance in the arts, literature, and philosophy and thus assist in the emergence of a unified spoken and written Kurdish language as a means of communication and exchange between all Kurdish communities, across various political and communitarian boundaries.

Ribwar is a prolific author of philosophical treatises, focusing in particular on pre-socratic Greek philosophy, as well as on phenomenology and identity from Kierkegaard to Bourdieu. He has translated numerous works of philosophy and sociology into Kurdish, and has also penned a number of literature and poetry books in his native language, for which he has received a various awards and recognitions. Ribwar’s academic activities in both Kurdistan and Danemark include his founding of the Philosophy Department of Erbil’s Salahaddin University, which he chaired from 2007 until recently, when he was called to take up a researcher position at a Danish university in Odense.

Ribwar Siwayli obtained his BA and MA in Philosophy from Roskilde University, Denmark, where he studied between 1996 and 2000, and has obtained a PhD Scholarship in Athens, Greece. In 2013, he was a founding member of the Institute of Cultural Studies of Koye University, Iraq. Rebwar’s latest collection of poems, An evening with God and Men, was published in 2012 by Zeryab Publishers, in Kurdistan.