Apply for an AST Scholarship

Many of you have thought at some point how your life would change if you would have the opportunity to study in Canada, but did not know how to apply, get a visa, and have enough money to cover your fees and living expenses.

If you want to find out whether you are eligible to apply for an AST scholarship, please send us your curriculum vitae and a 500 word Personal Statement in which you tell us why you think you are eligible for one of our scholarships  in view of our mission as stated on this website, what course of studies you would like to take in Canada, and how you would use your Canadian degree in your future career and / or to contribute to your community.

You do not need to have applied and been admitted to  a Canadian university. If we decide that you do qualify for an AST Scholarship, and if the funds required to cover your award are available, we will assist you with choosing your course of study, university, and with the application process.

PLEASE NOTE: Our first fund-raising campaign will begin in September 2014. Qualifying applications for an AST Scholarship will become part of a selection pool from which we will award scholarships ONLY to the extent that enough funds will have been raised to cover such awards. Sending a cv and Personal Statement, or being deemed qualified to receive an AST Scholarship does not automatically entitle the applicant to such an award, or guarantee that the applicant will receive one in the future. Sending a cv and Personal Statement is considered purely an expression of interest on the part of the person submitting them, and in no way represents the acceptance of an offer or any kind of binding promise or agreement.

Kindly send any documents or inquiries to the following e-mail:

We look forward to hearing from you and reading your stories!