Georges Kabalan

"Although I was born in a small northern Lebanese town named Batroun and completed my primary and secondary education in French, I always dreamed of working abroad, with large, international organisations, which would allow me to develop my creativity, attention to detail, and ability to lead a team in order to attain and exceed its targets. This is why, after graduating from my French Catholic high school, I decided to pursue my post-secondary studies at the Arab Open University - an institution offering both a Lebanese Degree accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education and a British Degree, from the Open University.

This allowed me to become immersed in a Western academic environment with high standards and expectations, and to study in English for four years – a language I had learned in high school, but which has now become my primary language, both at work and in my private life.

After graduation I started to work, at the age of twenty-one, as the youngest manager of the HMS Ltd Group of Companies in Iraq, and attended various training courses allowing me to open and manage Steak Escape, Subway and Second Cup restaurants.

Second Cup is, of course, one of Canada’s biggest commercial brands, with an important international presence. Staffing, opening, and managing the first two Second Cup branches in Erbil, Kurdistan, and structuring the supply chain for these branches as well as for another four branches in Basrah, Southern Iraq brought me in contact with Canadian entrepreneurs, professionals, and instructors, as well as with Canadian products, quality standards, innovation methods, and most importantly, the well-deserved Canadian reputation for friendly cooperation and respect for diversity and difference. These qualities and skills are becoming increasingly important in managing and running a global business, where employees, senior staff, partners and clients with extremely different cultural, linguistic and religious background interact and depend on each other on a daily basis. This is why, after successfully completing my Second Cup training in Dubai, I decided to apply for my MBA studies at Royal Roads University, offering a unique Global Management program in one of Canada’s most beautiful and welcoming cities.

I strongly believe that earning this degree will ultimately boost my career path and open the doors for greater opportunities in my future endeavours, which include creating and developing my own brand of restaurants, and earning a PhD in business. I also am certain that earning an RRU MBA in Global Management will add significant value to my current work experience by combining it with the academic knowledge and skills I will acquire during my studies in Victoria."

Georges has just been accepted to study for  a Masters in Global Management at the Royal Roads University School of Business. Congratulations George! Please click on the video below to listen to his testimonial explaining why he is so excited at the prospect of coming to study in Canada.