Dean Duperron

Current President and CEO of the Duperron Group. The Duperron Group is an investment holdings group established in 1991. The Duperron Group is currently a $20M Company with millions of dollars in real-estate holdings.

Built a multi-million dollar from scratch-to-worldwide organization with over 600 employees. Mr. Duperron ran an International College system from 1991-2010, all of which were profitable. At its peak, the College was growing on average 33% each year.

Owned or managed multi-million retail businesses.

Has donated both his time and money over the past two decades. Mr. Duperron has been mentoring entrepreneurs for over 10 years, and has donated approximately $1M per year, over last 20 years in Education Scholarships, Recognition of Firemen, Paramedics, Boys and Girls Club, Teachers, Students, Politicians (at Municipal, Provincial, Federal levels).

Has been heavily involved in the construction industry, running training programs in Electrical, Residential Construction including Drywall, Framing, Roofing, Stairs, etc.

Sits on the RCITO Board and Chair Accreditation sub-committee covering recognition of Public and Private Colleges, their graduates, instructors and curriculum.

Sits on the PBIBC Board which is establishing an accreditation process to recognize all construction contractors who wish to build homes in British Columbia.

Has chaired or been a member of a variety of other boards in British Columbia. Highlights include: President the Evergreen Cultural Centre, Vice-President Canada Club and a seat on the Aboriginal Medical Selection of Medical Students for Universities in British Columbia.