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“Tree of life” mosaic covering the floor of eighth-century C.E. Hisham’s palace (Jericho), one of the best preserved examples of early Islamic architecture in the Levant.

An organization is only as great as the people who choose to pool their knowledge, talents, resources, and time to achieve its mission and goals. This is especially true of not-for-profit ventures like the Antiochia Scholarships Trust. Our success depends entirely on your involvement and your willingness to actively participate in our projects.

There are five ways in which you can assist our students realize their dreams of studying in Canada:

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 And remember: you are the life-blood of this venture, and your support for AST is the only assurance our young men and women from the Levant have that their hopes for a better life for themselves and their home communities will eventually come true. So please – contact us and get involved today!