To Teach

Kurdish author Rebwar Siwaily at a book-signing event in Erbil, 2013.

At AST, we intend to go beyond the most obvious meaning of "To Teach" - namely, that of assisting our students to acquire the skills, competencies, work experience and leadership abilities which will allow them to build a better life for themselves and their home communities. As important as this objective is, AST considers that its ultimate mission is to teach all its stakeholders about each other - across geographic, cultural, ethnic and religious lines, in order to promote a better mutual understanding and ability to cooperate in the achievement of common goals, objectives, ideals.

Thus, our mission "To Teach" reaches beyond its technical meaning of helping our students to acquire the specific knowledge capable of being leveraged in a global economy, to the more intangible, but even more valuable meaning of developing a sense of familiarity, of friendship, of togetherness and, ultimately, of a shared, common destiny among all individuals touched, directly or indirectly, by our projects and our actions.

It is this manner of teaching that will allow us all to expand our arc of caring beyond the boundaries of our own communities and nations, to ultimately englobe all individuals, across the world, and thus to contribute to the emergence of a truly global civil society founded on the equal worth and dignity of every human being, as championed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.