Our Students

Mosaic from the floor of the 5th-century Bath of Apolausis, on display in the Antiochia Museum of Archeology.

On the slopes of Mount Silipos, east of Antiochia, archeologists discovered a small suburban bath dating back to the fifth century AD. It contained an exquisite mosaic of an elegant young woman named Soteria – a minor Greco-Roman deity whose name, translated in English, means Salvation. Soteria and her sister, Apolausis, meaning Enjoyment, had the power to deliver people from danger and were frequently represented in baths, whose warm waters could give pleasure and soothe pain.

 Our students are young men and women who originate from different countries, have different beliefs and distinctive ethnic backgrounds. They each have their own, unique story, which they share with you on the pages that follow. But they all have two things in common: the desire to rise above the difficult, often dangerous circumstances that currently surround them in their home countries; and the hope to enjoy the benefits of a university education in Canada.

 As you get to know them, their backgrounds, ordeals, challenges and dreams, please remember that your actions can play a critical part in changing their lives and helping them achieve their most important goals: developing to the fullest their individual potential and talents, and applying the knowledge and skills thus acquired to help their families, their friends, their communities to improve their lives and future opportunities.

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