Mohamad Al Duker

"I was born and grew up in Damascus, Syria. I was an elementary student at the School of Young Scientists until the end of the seventh grade, then continued my grade VIII and IX studies at the Sham Model School, and grades X and XI at the Lycée of Damascus. I could not complete my high school there because of the civil war that erupted in my country. My family and I had to move to a safe city outside Syria, and this is how I ended up in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. Here, I completed XII grade (BAC) and finally graduated high school, in September 2013.

During my studies in Erbil, I worked as Fund Secretary and as Treasurer in a couple of local restaurants, to help with the family finances. Being fluent in Arabic, English, French and good in Kurdish, I was able to meet a lot of people and gain the self-confidence and knowledge I need to pursue my dream of having a career in business. During this time, I also acquired a number of technical skills, such as the use of the Microsoft Office suite.

My ambition is to earn a business management undergraduate degree at a Canadian college, then obtain a Masters’ degree in marketing, and return to Syria to help my country reconstruct and become again a peaceful, developed country with a high quality of life for all its people. I am convinced that sound trade and development policies will play a key role in achieving this goal, and I want to be part of the effort to assist Syrians live again happy, safe and prosperous lives.

During my business studies, I hope to understand better how to make good business decisions and how to analyze different situations and options in order to become an effective leader and manager. I plan to gain the experience needed so badly in Syria today regarding key issues such as branding and marketing, and customer satisfaction.

Living in the fast-growing, modernizing city of Erbil is proving to be a great experience for me, as it is allowing me to experience first-hand how to manage a business in a completely different environment from what I was used to at home, with multinational companies present in the local, highly competitive marketplace."

Mohammad just received the news that he was accepted to study for his Bachelor's of Business Administration at Acsenda School of Management, Vancouver. Please click on the video below to listen to his testimonial explaining why he is so excited at the prospect of coming to study in Canada.