Mohamad Danou

Mohamed Danou has over a decade experience in the travel and tourism industry throughout the Middle East. He has worked as a Tourism Executive in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq, before moving to the UK to continue his education.

Between 2004 and 2012 Mohamed progressed successively from Marketing and Sales Manager, to Assistant Manager, and then Executive Manager with various Syrian travel agencies. His focus on customer service, project management, and cutting edge technologies gave him a competitive advantage enabling him to attract and keep clients from across the region and indeed, the world.

His success and achievements were recognised when he was recruited by an international travel agency to start up a subsidiary in Erbil, Iraq, using the latest booking and tracking technologies available at the time. He became intimately familiar with the Kurdish and Iraqi markets, and established contact networks in Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia.

Mohamed’s skills will prove invaluable as he joins AST as our Marketing and Student Recruitment Director. He will develop our offices in Egypt and Turkey, and introduce our new students to AST’s virtual environment in SecondLife.

Mohamed's network of contacts throughout the region will greatly assist him in identifying suitable prospective candidates, and in explaining to them AST's Pathway to Success. He will assist in selecting suitable candidates and familiarising them with our online community, Antiochia, where they learn how to apply for a university place in Canada and how to improve their English language and leadership skills in case they are accepted by their chosen institution and funded by AST's partners and donors.