Stage 7: Alumnus


Now is the time to enjoy your Success and to put your new skills and knowledge to use for the benefit of your family, your community, your home country. In an era defined by globalisation, with the Canadian university degree and work experience you acquired, the world is truly your oyster. You can now plan out your future and also decide how you wish to "Pay Forward" to others the chance to benefit from the same opportunities you enjoyed since partnering up with AST. We will be there for you as you:

51. Celebrate your University Graduation and are awarded your well-deserved Degree;

52. Start working in your chosen profession for the duration of your Work Permit;

53. Secure appropriate accommodation;

54. Decide how you will "Pay Forward" what you achieved here to your home community;

55. Investigate how you can best connect your life in Canada with that in your home country;

56. Prepare an AST Testimonial Video sharing with others your experiences with us over the past few years;

57. Help with the AST fundraising activities;

58. Take part in AST student recruitment efforts;

59. Commit to make regular donations to AST; and

60. Take the next steps to realise your dreams, both in Canada and at home.