Stage 6: Scholar


Congratulations! You made it! You are here - in Canada, ready to start your university studies! You are now truly an AST Scholar!

Now the truly hard work really begins. You will need to integrate in your new social and academic environment, excel academically to ensure you maintain your AST Scholar status, and gain invaluable work experience during your stay in North America. We will be there with you  every step of the way, across the years, as you:

41. Arrive in Canada;

42. Secure a suitable residence;

43. Start your university courses;

44. Look for an begin to work;

45. Take AST Leadership classes;

46. Prepare an AST Testimonial Video about your experiences so far;

47. Complete your studies with excellent results;

48. Apply for 2-year Canadian work permit;

49. Obtain a Work Permit; and

50. Search for employment in your chosen academic field.