Stage 5: Cadet


The next weeks and months will be the most stressful of all: you have been offered a place in the program and university of your choice, but most work hard now to ensure you can secure the necessary resources and documents to be able to actually come and study in Canada. In order to succeed in doing so, we will work together to:

31. Obtain your official University Acceptance Letter;

32. Ensure your university tuition fees are covered;

33. Raise the funds you will need for your living expenses in Canada;

34. Acquire proof that you now possess the financial resources required for living and studying in Canada during your entire course of studies;

35. Provide you with an AST Sponsorship letter;

36. Receive a Letter of Support from Home Community / Employer;

37. Complete and submit your Canadian Student Visa Application;

38. Resubmit your Visa Application, if necessary;

39. Resolve any outstanding issues once you receive your Canadian student visa; and

40. Help you book your plane tickets for Canada.