Stage 3: Junior


Once we get to know you, we help you to achieve your key objectives: bring your unique story to potential donors who wish to help you accomplish your dream, and include you in our unique virtual educational environment, the Antiochia Agora Polis in Second Life, where you will meet other students from the Greater Middle East and all over the world. Together, you will discuss your plans for the future, study and learn together, and become a tight-knit community before you even meet in person or arrive in Canada. During this stage, we will:

9. Discuss with you the structure of the your story that will be published on the AST Website;

10. Ensure you have submitted an initial draft;

11. Review your draft and give you our suggestions;

12. Add the final draft to your file;

13. Publish your story and picture on the AST website;

14. Plan out the taping of your 4-minute video testimonial;

14. Publish your video on your AST Website page;

16. Explain to you the SecondLife virtual environment;

17. Assist you to register and join SL;

18. Help you trough the SL induction process;

19. Introduce you to the Virtlantis staff in SL - your new ESL Learning Team; and

20. Decide if you need to take regular English language classes before coming to Canada.