Our Pathway: Succeed

AST has developed a seven-stage Pathway to Success designed to provide students from the Middle East with a clear and structured step-by-step action plan designed to maximise their chances of accomplishing their dream of studying in Canada and then employing the knowledge and experience gained here in to contribute to the  development of their own, home communities. 

The seven stages outlined below place each student at the centre of AST's activities, by focusing on the successive roles our students will take as they travel down the Pathway bringing them from their homes to Canada and then back to their own communities:

Stage 1 - Prospect: We identify your potential; you decide if you wish to join us;

Stage 2 - Frosh: You provide us with the information we need to give you an informed opinion about your chances to Succeed;

Stage 3 - Junior: We help you become a full member of our organisation and take advantage of the educational and fund-raising opportunities we offer;

Stage 4 - Senior: You choose your university and program of studies, complete your application and work to improve your English skills;

Stage 5 - Cadet: We assist you complete all the steps necessary to ensure you can come to Canada and take advantage of the university place you secured;

Stage 6 - Scholar: You arrive in Canada, start studying and gathering work experience, taking advantage of AST's support network;

Stage 7 - Alumnus: We encourage you to pursue your dream of assisting your home community and building a new life for yourself and your family.