Our Goal: Empower

"Power can be taken, but not given.

 The process of the taking is empowerment in itself."

Gloria Steinem


The concept of power has two very different connotations.

One is that of "power over" - the classical zero-sum, confrontational notion of struggling to impose our will on those who attempt to resist us and to overwhelm them with our might. This is the power of force.

The other, is that of "power to" - the innovative, positive-sum, cooperative notion of working together in collaboration with others in order to achieve common goals and objectives, and thus to enable ourselves and our partners to succeed in our efforts. This is the power of consensus.

AST's goal is to enable all our stakeholders, and in particular our students, to achieve their own goals and dreams - and in doing so, to realise our own: increasing the economic, political, social, educational, gender, and spiritual strength of individuals and communities in the Levant so that they may be able, through their own efforts, to promote a peaceful, prosperous, participative polity in their region and, ultimately, in the world we all live in, share and are responsible for.