VIRTLANTIS is an English and various other languages learning community located in the virtual world of SecondLife. It is sponsored by the Oxford School of English in Germany, and provides free educational services though its volunteers to interested users of the SecondLife 3D virtual environment.

AST and its SecondLife virtual home, Antiochia, have agreed to partner up with VIRTLANTIS to provide AST Scholars the English language instruction they need in order to successfully function once in Canada. VIRTLANTIS uses a variety of e-learning and social media tools in addition to the SecondLife environment to provide a fully immersive experience, where learning is fun as well as suited for each learner' specific needs.

Together with VIRTLANTIS, AST will assist all AST Scholars to meet in a virtual environment, grow as a community, and develop the language, academic, and social skills they will require once in Canada before their arrival here. This unique educational partnership, crossing real and virtual boundaries and integrating the use of the latest technology and social media tools to promote learning, creativity, and innovation is at the heart of AST's vision of assisting its students to make their dream of successfully pursuing their university studies in Canada come true.