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The AST Team has created a unique educational and participative virtual environment where our Scholars and Staff from around the world can meet, communicate, talk, study, learn, and discover, as citizens of our home city, Antiochia - and this without leaving their own countries of origin. The immersive, 3D-virtual environment of SecondLife (SL) offers us all the opportunity to cross boundaries of time, space, and history, and meet in a re-creation of of the ancient roman metropolis on the shores of the river Orontes, the way it may have been two millennia ago.

Individuals joining the SecondLife environment can easily create their own avatar - a walking, talking, flying re-presentation of themselves in the Metaverse - and join their colleagues in exploring the Antiochia sim, housing AST's virtual home, meeting fellow Antiochians, participating in the governance of their virtual city, and taking part in a great variety of educational, cultural and artistic events.

As our Agora Polis Antiochia (Assembly of Citizens of Antiochia) will grow and develop over time, the AST team plans to expand its virtual activities by providing its students across the world with invaluable information about the opportunities offered by AST, as well as with a variety of lectures, courses, and training sessions. To find out more about our virtual city, Antiochia, please visit Agora Polis Antiochia's website.

For more information and assistance about joining SecondLife and Agora Polis Antiochia, and learning how to explore and talke advantage of the unique opportunities offered by this virtual environment, please contact our Communications and Social Media Director, Brent Irvine, at:


Name: APA: Agora Polis Antiochia (Assembly of Citizens of Antiochia)

APA Motto: "This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are" (Plato)

APA Foundation: 22. October 2014

Location: SecondLife virtual environment


APA Website:

Contact Person: Brent Irvine:

Contacts in SecondLife: AlexOlteanu Unplugged, Bromo Ivory