AST and VIRTLANTIS Partner Up in Real & Virtual Worlds

Today, AST reached an important agreement with VIRTLANTIS, a virtual Languages Education Community active mainly in SecondLife, to work together in order to help AST Scholars acquire the English language skills they need before they arrive to Canada to pursue their studies.

Sponsored by the Oxford School of English (Germany), VIRTLANTIS has been active in SL for almost a decade and has developed a network of volunteer professionals specialising in providing, in particular, English language and culture workshops to anyone interested, free of charge. As AST Scholars will start to participate in AST's virtual home, Antiochia, they will be introduced to VIRTLANTIS members, will go through an individualised assessment period, and will then be provided with the necessary assistance to improve their English language skills, in preparation for their university studies in Canada.

This partnership marks an important step in accomplishing ASTs vision of assisting its scholars to realise their dream of pursuing their studies in Canada. The ability to form a virtual community well before their arrival here, to get to know each other, study and create together, and acquire the skills necessary for a successful study period in Canada constitutes a milestone in this process. We look forward to working together with VIRTLANTIS for a long time to come, for the benefit of all our students.



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