New AST Virtual Hub “Antiochia” Opens in SecondLife

AST officially opened today its new virtual environment in SecondLife - Antiochia. SecondLife is a 3D immersive environment allowing users to create an avatar - a digitised replica of themselves -, enter into this environment, and interact with users from all over the world irrespective of the time and space separating them.

But SecondLife is much more than a cartoon world; it is a truly unique virtual platform allowing for written, voice, and visual communication between participants, who become the principal content creators of this environment and develop their creative and innovative skills, as well as their social, leadership, and entrepreneurial qualities.

Together with its Antiochia partners, AST will offer to its students a variety of activities, such as English language lessons, lectures and discussion sessions, musical and cultural events, as well as the chance to engage in participatory forms of management and governance of their common virtual home, Antiochia. For more information on Antiochia, its people, places, projects, and participation opportunities, please click here to access the Antiochia website.

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