Brent Irvine joins AST Management Team

We are very happy to welcome Brent Irvine as our new Director of Communications and Social Media. Brent is an internet pioneer, having joined online communications before the Internet became widely available, and has experimented with man forms of real and virtual interaction technologies across the years. He has been active in the 3D Virtual environment SecondLife for almost a decade, and is the main sponsor of AST's new virtual home, Antiochia.

Brent will coordinate AST's activities across real and virtual space, using all social media and IT tools at our disposal. His mission is to ensure that our scholars will be able to interact as easily and meaningfully as possible and build a knowledge community despite the fact that they live in different countries and time-zones. Brent will also organise the various activities AST will prepare for them - entertainment, educational, academic, and cultural - so as to better prepare them for their arrival in Canada and to ensure that their studies here will be truly successful.

We are very fortunate to have Brent as part of the AST team and look forward to his contributions to our project in both real and virtual worlds.

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